World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – How To Get Lizi, Thunderspine Trampler Mount

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As new and awesome as World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is, one thing will never change about World of Warcraft in general: getting new mounts is the real end game. While Dragonflight didn’t add quite as many new mounts to the game as previous expansions (this is in large part due to Dragonriding), there is still a nice chunk of them to snag.

Of the new mounts in Dragonflight is Lizi, Thunderspine Trampler. This steed is an interesting case because it isn’t a simple rare or boss drop, but something slightly more complex, That said, it is still very doable even from the most casual standpoint, so read along to see how you can get her.


First things first — before you can even think about getting Lizi, you need to reach Renown Nine with the Maruuk Centaur to unlock Replacement Hooves.

This unlocks a side quest chain with Initiate Radiya, starting with A Disgruntled Initiate. This first step is obtained from Windsage Ordven in Maruukai (Ohn'ahran Plains: 63.0, 34.0).

Once you complete this quest chain, Initiate’s Day Out, (part of the Sojourner of Ohn’ahran Plains achievement), you can now begin the process of befriending Lizi.

Getting Lizi, Thunderspine Trampler

Once you’ve got the side quest chain out of the way, what’s left to do are five more simple turn-in quests for Radiya.

However, only one quest can be done per day, making this a minimum of a five-day process. Here are the required turn-ins for the five quests, all of which are labeled To Tame A Thunderspine and require 150 Dragon Isles Supplies to be turned in with each item listed below:


Location Found

20 Fluorescent Fluid

Looted from bugs around the Dragon Isles.

20 High-Fiber Leaf

Looted from plants around the Dragon Isles. A great spot to farm these is near the Shady Sanctuary, by the western edge of the Ohn’ahran Plains.

10 Thousandbite Piranha

Fished up anywhere on the Dragon Isles.

20 Woolly Mountain Pelt

Looted from super-hairy beasts such as goats, argali, musken, etc.

Meluun's Green Curry

This is obtained from Ohn Meluun, but don’t worry about where she’s located — the quest itself will give you a marker, so she’s easily found.

This order is strict — you can’t turn in the 20 High-Fiber Leaves before the 20 Fluorescent Fluids, for example. After the last turn-in, talk to Radiya again and you’ll get one more simple quest. Once completed, Lizi’s Reins are all yours, and you can learn the mount by using the item.

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