Xbox Confirms It’s Planning A Summer Showcase

Xbox has confirmed that its "yearly Showcase" will return this Summer, although it's currently unclear whether it'll be attached to E3, or if it'll be its own thing entirely.

Yesterday, Xbox hosted its first Developer_Direct, shining a spotlight on Forza Motorsport and The Elder Scrolls Online, revealing release dates for Minecraft Legends and Redfall, and shadow dropping Hi-Fi Rush. Xbox has previously confirmed that a separate direct for Starfield was on the way, but it seems that it'll also have one more showcase during the Summer.

As reported by GamesRadar+, after the Developer_Direct, Xbox posted a summary of everything that was announced during the showcase on Xbox Wire. Towards the end of the post, Xbox reconfirms that it has plans for a Starfield deep dive at some point in the future, before confirming that its "yearly Showcase" is also returning to L.A. later Summer.

The post on Xbox Wire reads, "As we announced previously, in order to dedicate the proper amount of time for a deep dive into Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield, a standalone show is in the works. In addition to this, our teams are working hard and look forward to sharing even more of what is next for our fans when we return to Los Angeles for our yearly Showcase this summer."

Microsoft doesn't confirm in the post whether the showcase will be its own individual thing like it has been in recent years, or if it'll be a part of E3 or Summer Game Fest. After missing 2022, E3 is confirmed to return this year, which means that it's possible that Microsoft will host its own conference as part of the event.

However, as has been proved in recent years, Microsoft and other companies can get by with their own presentations without being a part of E3, so it's not clear if it'll feel the need to get involved. That being said, Microsoft has been involved with E3 for every E3 in recent years, so if any company is going to make an appearance there, it's likely Xbox.

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