Xbox Game Pass Is Teasing Disney+ Again With A Loki Joke

Xbox appears to have teased that Disney Plus will be returning to Game Pass Ultimate as a perk this month via a rather inventive tweet.

Xbox continues to juice up Game Pass this gen as it does its level best to have the Series X|S legitimately compete with the PS5. Just when you think the service can’t possibly get any better, Xbox swoops in and adds something new. This month, it seems subscribers will once again be getting a 30-day hit of Disney Plus.

While not yet confirmed by Xbox or Disney, a tweet from the Game Pass Twitter account certainly suggests the two entities will be teaming up again. The tweet, which you can check out below, reads that Xbox planned to make some big, flashy video to reveal Game Pass’s next perks. However, it has made the decision to keep things a little more “Lowkey” instead.

That appears to be a clear reference to Loki which will premiere later this week on Disney Plus. Loki will be the third original series to come out of the MCU, and might well be the most anticipated. While the plot has been kept under wraps, it was revealed this week that Loki will be gender-fluid, just like he is in Marvel’s comics.

If Xbox is indeed teasing that Disney Plus is coming to Game Pass as a perk, it won’t be the first time. It did the same thing in November of last year, using characters from The Mandalorian to tease the crossover. The Star Wars show’s second season was airing at the time. The arrival of the MCU’s third show, and the biggest one to date, seems like the perfect time for Disney and Xbox to team up again.

There are already plenty of reasons to subscribe to Game Pass, even without the possibility of 30 days of Disney Plus for no additional cost. New games are added to the service every month, and each month also comes with different perks. The only bad news is Xbox has sealed up a loophole that was allowing subscribers to get four months for half price thanks to EA Play.

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