Xbox Live DOWN: Xbox One Server Status latest following Sign In reports

Xbox Live servers appear to be suffering issues tonight following a growing number of reports from Xbox One users.

The official Xbox Live Server Status has not been updated with any new reports yet, but this could change very soon.

That’s because user reports of Xbox Live services being down tonight are growing, including problems with signing in.

However, until Microsoft confirms problems with services tonight, it’s hard to say how long the outage could last.

The good news is that it doesn’t look like a worldwide issue, meaning it could be over quickly.

The one problem that has been flagged today by Microsoft is problems with the Backward Compatibility services on Xbox One.

“As our teams continue to investigate error code: 80151906 through Back-Compat, be sure to attempt reinstalling that game to your Xbox One console to troubleshoot this error,” the support message reads.

“We’ll update again soon when we have more info to provide. Thank you for your patience.”

This appears to be a separate issue and not the cause of the problems with Xbox Live servers tonight.

If problems do continue on Xbox One, Microsoft is expected to release an update within the next hour.

One user writes: “Can’t sign in. Give it a bit; there be some update about what’s happening. Edit: Signed In but now I’m getting the “we couldn’t get your last saved data.”

Another affected gamer posts: “I Couldn’t sign in, then once I connected NO Apps or games would work!”

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