Xbox Live Free Game NEWS: Don’t forget to download this new Xbox One experience

There is good news this week for Xbox One gamers looking to try out a brand new free game experience.

There’s plenty to choose from on the Microsoft Store platform, but it’s always good to see new choices being released as well.

And this week has seen new free-to-play title; Dauntless arrive on Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles.

The new Action adventure RPG is free to download and add to your collection; however, it will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription for online multiplayer.

Weighing in at under 10GB, Dauntless won’t take up too much room for those running out of console space.

It should also be noted that Dauntless has a 13+ age rating and currently has mixed reviews on the Microsoft Store.

And while it might not prove popular with everyone, Xbox Live Gold subscribers don’t have much to lose in trying it out.


For those wanting to know about Dauntless, it’s been developed by Phoenix Labs and Published by Epic Games.

It’s a game that allows console players to team up and hunt down monsters called Behemoths.

And while it might sound a lot like Monster Hunter World, gamers will notice the differences pretty quickly.

There’s not quite so much hunting and tracking involved, and the battling has a more arcade boss battle feel to it.

Here’s more information from Phoenix Labs, who explain: “Dauntless has been in development for over four years now, and we spent a great deal of time taking in feedback from the community.

“We designed combat in Dauntless to feel fast and fluid, and the behemoths you fight will never give you an inch, so dodging is integral to successfully taking down your target.

“After fighting the same behemoth a few times, you’ll be able to start reading their movements and prepare to dodge out of the way of a projectile or tailspike that could easily ruin your day.

“Every time you fight a behemoth, you’ll learn more about the encounter and get closer to mastering it.

“Learn those DPS windows. Learn those attack patterns! Be like me and keep it a total secret that you chugged a thousand Bulwark Tonics learning the Rezakiri fight! Keep at it; gather your friends, and show those behemoths the power of a Slayer’s determination.”

If Monster Hunting isn’t your thing, the Microsoft Store currently lists around 70 free games that can be downloaded on Xbox One, including popular titles like Apex Legends and World of Warships.

And it won’t be long before Microsoft announces their Games with Gold lineup for June 2019.

This news will drop next week; probably just before the months end and the new Games with Gold roster goes live.

So far, there haven’t been any leaks of hints suggesting what will be included during the month of E3. So it will be worth keeping an eye out over the coming days for the big reveal for Xbox One gamers.

Until then, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download Marooners, The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour and Comic Jumper on Xbox One.

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