Xbox Scarlett release surprise: console price update and PS5 shock news

Microsoft is reportedly working on a Cloud console device that will cost less than the Xbox Scarlett and may have even contributed to the downfall of the rumoured Lockhart project.

For those that might not remember, Microsoft was linked with two consoles for their next-gen plans.

Much in the same guise as the Xbox One X and Xbox S, Project Scarlett would offer more power, while Lockhart would provide a more attractive price point.

We now know that Microsoft won’t be releasing a second less powerful console alongside the Xbox Scarlett.

But that doesn’t mean the tech giant is looking to boost its xCloud gaming service. According to Microsoft insider Brad Sams, an xCloud device is being developed.

And while we may never know why Project Lockhart was cancelled, Sams offers a good guess on what might have happened, via TheNextWeb.

“Lockhart was stuck in this middle ground where it didn’t make a lot of sense,” Sams reveals in his latest YouTube post.

“And if Microsoft is really confident, which I’m hearing they are starting to be with their xCloud service, selling a really, really low priced little box that does a marginal amount of compute, makes a lot of sense.

“You can imagine they can sell this thing (xCloud Device) for around $60, maybe toss in a controller for $75 or something, it would undercut what Stadia is currently selling.

“It would make it really easy to get in to xCloud and would be super-portable; you can imagine how easy it would be to take something like that on the road.”

It should be noted though that Sams doesn’t know if this new xCloud console will make it onto shelves.

No release date has been mentioned for it and there is no suggestion that it will be available to buy alongside Xbox Scarlett in 2020.

Perhaps if Google Stadia proves popular, Microsoft will ramp development up to be ready for a Cloud Gaming war.

But for now, we only know that Microsoft is considering this xCloud console following the cancellation of Project Lockhart.

This is important news for Microsoft gamers as it has shifted the price point on the next-gen by quite a margin.

Xbox gamers will no longer be able to buy a budget console but will now have to grab the Xbox Scarlett or use the xCloud service via their browser or phone.

And these aren’t the only juicy next-gen rumours being talked about this week.

The PS5 release date has yet to be announced but is expected to be revealed for 2020.

And rumours this week suggest that the PS5 will be four times more powerful than the PlayStation 4.

This comes from a known PC benchmarks leaker, who has shared information regarding the Gonzalo APU, rumoured to be part of the PS5.

The data shared this week suggests the PS5 will be a real jump forward away from the PS4.

However, until we learn full facts about the console from Sony, this remains a rumour.

Sony has gone on record to say that they want the PlayStation 5 to be 8K compatible, something that sounds very ambitious.

They have also mentioned supporting ray-tracing and having much faster loading times.

This is something that both Sony and Microsoft have emphasised, without providing much in the way of other performance data.

This would be made possible by specialised solid-state drives, which will make a huge difference in processing speeds.

More news about the PS5 and Project Scarlett could come at any time, with the clock ticking down to 2020.

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