Xbox Series X And Series S Video Walks Through New Features

The launch of Xbox Series X and Series S is just weeks away, and Microsoft has released a video showing off all the new features and user interface in one spot. While it isn’t as surprising as the recent Sony video unveiling the PS5 UI, it’s still a nice overview of what you’ll see when you open up your new console. Whereas the PS5 is going with a revamped interface for PS5, the Xbox Series X and Series S are largely continuations of what you’re already seeing on Xbox One following the latest update–but with some key enhancements focused on speed.

The walkthrough starts by jumping into Gears 5 with next-gen optimization, and then uses the Xbox button to quickly bring up the guide and start another game, Dirt 5. Notably, a game that is being loaded from Quick Resume will have a small icon in the upper-right. From there, the hosts jump into Subnautica, showing off the auto-HDR enhancements for backwards compatibility. That feature adds a richer color pallette to older games to take advantage of HDR displays.

From there the walkthrough goes into accessories and services. The new controller is slightly smaller, with textured grips, a redesigned D-pad, and the Share button for quick capturing of gameplay clips or screenshots. The video touted the recent improvements to the mobile app with features like remote play, and promised improved download speeds for games. Finally, the video showed off the (rather tiny) expansion card, which slots into the back of the console and works just like the regular console SSD storage.

We have an Xbox Series X in-hand and you can read more about our impressions in our in-depth Xbox Series X preview. The console is coming on November 10, so check out our Xbox Series X and Series S preorder guide for help getting your mitts on one.

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