Xbox Survey Asks Players If They’re "Done" With Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was supposed to keep Xbox owners entertained for a very long time, hence its name. That hasn't really gone to plan, and now Xbox wants to know if Infinite players have already left the latest game in their rearview mirror or if they are still playing/will return to it in the future.

The reveal that Xbox is eager to know whether you're still playing Infinite or not, presumably so it can decide what to do with the game's future, comes via a survey sent to select players. Shared by Rebs Gaming (thanks, GamesRadar), Xbox's first Infinite question gets right to the point. “Are you done playing Halo Infinite?” Those filling out the survey can either reply yes, no, or maybe.

There doesn't seem to be anything after that questioning those who answered no or maybe why they don't want to play Infinite anymore. Xbox does want to know what Infinite players think of how 343 Industries has handled Infinite's development and support, though. Specifically, whether players think 343 has been listening to feedback and effectively implementing it.

Deeper into the survey, players are asked about modes they'd like to see introduced to Infinite in the future, Firefight and Domination among the options. An indicator that Xbox and 343 might not be done with Infinite just yet, but also a sign from the survey as a whole that its answers will determine what exactly happens next. If enough people say they're done with the latest Halo, then it might not be so Infinite after all.

Microsoft laid off more than 10,000 employees earlier this month, 343 being massively affected by the cuts as more than a quarter of its staff was let go. Infinite's development was pretty troubled, arriving a year later than intended as it was supposed to be a Series X launch title. Despite it not becoming the long-term flagship Xbox wanted it to be, Phil Spencer has reassured Halo fans that 343 will remain the heart and soul of the series.

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