Yakuza: Like a Dragon Guide to Tojo Clan Crests

There are a variety of collectibles that you can scrounge up while playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon, from crafting ingredients to rubbish, collecting bugs, and more. Most of these items are found on the streets and are signified by a small glowing orb.

From the start of Chapter 7, the number of glowing orbs hidden around the city will increase as a new item would have just been introduced — Tojo Clan Crests. When you pick up your first crest, you will receive a mysterious email instructing you to head to Hotel Grande Blu Marino when you’ve gathered a fair amount.

Why You Should Collect Crests

You might be wondering why you should bother to go out of your way to pick up the Tojo Clan Crests, but there’s actually a very good reason to do so. They are used as currency for a secret NPC vendor that sells a bunch of rare items, not to mention, as you progress further into the story, he’ll also sell very rare secret Poundmates.

Check out all the awesome stuff you can buy with Tojo Clan Crests:

  • Daigo Dojima (Poundmate) 50 Crests*
  • Katsu Watase (Poundmate) 50 Crests*
  • Sakura Storm (Weapon) 50 Crests
  • Brawler God’s Mouthguard (Accessory) 25 Crests
  • Gallantry Manual (Technical Book) 20 Crests
  • Justice Manual (Technical Book) 20 Crests
  • Assassin Manual (Technical Book) 20 Crests
  • Underworld Manual (Technical Book) 20 Crests
  • Mysticism Shoes (Accessory) 20 Crests
  • Suppression Helmet (Accessory) 18 Crests
  • Minister Robe (Accessory) 18 Crests
  • Gallant Binding (Accessory) 12 Crests
  • Commander Hat (Accessory) 10 Crests
  • Military Bulletproof Vest (Accessory) 10 Crests
  • Wind Sneakers (Accessory) 10 Crests
  • Fighter’s Belt (Accessory) 10 Crests
  • Fighter’s Binding (Accessory) 10 Crests
  • Down Jacket (Accessory) 5 Crests
  • Pointed Toes (Accessory) 5 Crests
  • Felt Hat (Accessory) 5 Crests

*Available only after a certain point of the storyline.

Where is the NPC to Exchange Crests

You need to head to the Hotel Grande Blu Marino, which is at the north of the map, just under Hamakita park and just above Chinatown. Head in through the front door that faces north, and then go forward and head out into the courtyard area. A cutscene will play where you will meet Kamulop — the mascot of Kamurocho, which you might remember seeing briefly in an earlier chapter. After this, you’ll always be able to find Kamulop patiently waiting here for you to spend your crests. Additionally, in this courtyard, you can find a crest waiting for you in the corner.

Where to Find Crests

Most Tojo Clan Crests will be found hidden around the city, with some being more obvious than others. Basically, any glowing orb you see should be inspected, and as you’re running around you should look down any dead ends or up any staircases, just to make sure you’ve covered every hiding spot. A lot of the time they’re hidden behind bikes, bins, or other objects to make them a little harder to see.

Another great way to get crests is to target rare enemy spawns that spawn in the later chapters. These guys will be higher level than their companions, and you naturally won’t see them as often, but once defeated there is a chance they’ll drop a crest or two.

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