Yes, Your Cottagecore Spaceship In Outer Wilds Can Run Doom

In Outer Wilds, you explore a solar system that’s caught in a temporal loop that resets when the system’s sun goes supernova. Each iteration of the loop allows you to learn more and more about the strange system, its inhabitants, and why everything explodes every 22 minutes.

Or you could just say “screw it” and play some Doom, thanks to a new mod courtesy of Hawkbar. The "Doom in Outer Wilds" mod "adds a playable copy of Doom to the ship computer. To play, press the location marking button while on the ship log's map mode screen."

Hawkbar recommends downloading the Outer Wilds mod manager in order to install the mod, which turns your ship’s map into a screen capable of running Doom. One suspects it's very similar to how a modder was able to get Doom playable in Doom, but the technical aspects are a little beyond me. The code is available on the Outer Wilds Mods site if you care to figure out how the magic was made.

In other Outer Wilds news, a current-gen upgrade was just released for players on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC provided they have the hardware for it. This updates Outer Wilds graphics to run at 4K resolution and 60 fps (provided you've got a TV/monitor capable of displaying all those pixels, of course), and some areas have even been redesigned to better showcase the updated visuals.

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