YouTuber Reimagines Lightyear As A PS1 Game

Lightyear hit theaters last week, confusing Toy Story fans the world over for the first time since its reveal trailer dropped last year. Pixar fans are a little confused at what story Lightyear is supposed to be telling. Simply put, Lightyear is a movie on which the Buzz Lightyear action figure in the Toy Story universe is based. That's why it makes sense that Tim Allen hasn't been brought back to voice the space ranger, and also why a PS1 demake of its original trailer fits the bill pretty well.

YouTuber Hoolopee is responsible for the demade trailer which you can check out below. Considering it's their first attempt at something like this for a movie as opposed to a game, it's pretty incredible. The reimagined trailer is a shot-for-shot demake, as you can see in the comparison, aside from a few tweaks that arguably make the demake feel even more authentic.

First, the PS1 version of Buzz keeps his purple head covering even when you can see his hair in the trailer. That would have definitely been the case had Lightyear launched 25 years ago on PS1. It also ends with a faux 1999 launch date and lets viewers know they can pick up a copy of the game at Al's Toy Barn. A fun hat-tip to the fictional location first introduced in Toy Story 2.

Speaking of Toy Story's first sequel, the demake ends with Rex marveling at a copy of the game. Another nod to the 1999 movie which begins with the toy dinosaur trying and failing to defeat Emperor Zurg in a Buzz game. All of that adds up to there likely being a Lightyear game in the Toy Story universe and considering the timelines, it probably would have looked a lot like Hoolopee's creation.

Unfortunately, Disney doesn't make movie companion games as much as it used to. The era of games like Aladdin and The Lion King, both of which launched on Sega Mega Drive and the SNES during the early '90s, is over. You can scratch the nostalgic Toy Story game itch the trailer above has likely given you, though. The new PS Plus launched in the US last week, and Toy Story 2 is a part of the Premium tier's classic game library.

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