You’ve Seen People Ride The Train In Cyberpunk 2077, But What About A Flying Car

Every sci-fi universe worth its salt has flying cars. Star Trek, Fifth Element, even The Jetsons had ’em. In Cyberpunk 2077’s dystopian future, flying cars are reserved only for megacorporations and the super-elite. So getting V onto one can be a little tricky.

Reddit user NickosD shows the surest way of getting into a flying car in Cyberpunk is to simply hitch a ride the old-fashioned way: by stowing away on the roof.

What’s most surprising about this NickosD’s journey is just how long it lasts. Cyberpunk keeps that car flying in the air for almost a whole minute, traversing nearly all of Night City before finally disappearing and leaving NickosD in midair for the briefest of moments. Then they plummet to their death on the pavement.

Most other games would have dematerialized the car as soon as it was out of eyeshot. Curiously, Cyberpunk 2077 keeps it around well beyond the player’s visual capacity.

Of course, if your goal was to fly, you can just get a few new implants and then perform a complicated series of jumps and time compressions to basically make it seem like V is flying. Well, more like gliding than true flight, but it’s still as close as V gets to a flying car without eventually winding up like a smear on the pavement.

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