Zelda Fans Think Tears Of The Kingdom Will Have An Underground World

The Legend of Zelda fans think that the latest trailer for Tears of the Kingdom gave even more evidence that there will be some kind of underground area to explore in the game.

Although most of the marketing for Tears of the Kingdom points to the fact that Link can now take to the skies and explore new areas and islands high above Hyrule, Breath of the Wild fans have been theorising for some time now that Tears of the Kingdom would also include underground areas, something that seems to have been hinted at in the latest trailer.

This theory first began when Tears of the Kingdom was first revealed as "the sequel to Breath of the Wild". During the first trailer, Link and Zelda are seen exploring some caves underground, before they run into what appears to be Ganondorf's corpse and kickstart a new adventure. This focus on an underground cave, combined with Tears of the Kingdom's darker vibe, made fans believe that an underground system was on the cards.

Although subsequent showings of Tears of the Kingdom have really put an emphasis on Link exploring the skies, with most of the footage focusing on Link soaring through the air. Hope isn't lost, however, as the newest trailer for Tears of the Kingdom that was shown during this week's Nintendo Direct seems to hint once more at underground exploration.

As reported by GamesRadar+, YouTuber Monster Maze points out several instances within the trailer that seem to show an underground location. The biggest of these is one of the first shots in the trailer, which shows a Bokoblin mining in a dark area. Although it appears to be a forest of some kind at first glance, looking closer reveals that the trees actually appear to be big mushrooms, which would fit an underground area.

Most of the other shots in the trailer before this point also showed thunder, lightning, and rain, but this specific one doesn't have any of those, which would make sense if it was sheltered from the outside world. It may not have those elements, but it does appear to contain spores, which would again match the underground vibe.

Another interesting element of this area is that there are small blue flames that can be spotted wandering around, which Monster Maze compares to Twilight Princess' Twilight Realm. If this area isn't an underground cave, it's possible that it's a new realm altogether, which would be just as exciting.

That opening shot is the biggest bit of evidence for an underground area, but it's not the only one. There are two shots in the trailer that show a cave system of sorts, one where Link is being chased by a Hinox in a cave, and another where Link is attacking a large rock monster with a new hammer weapon. Both are clearly set within a cave, something that Breath of the Wild didn't have too many of, so it would make sense for it to be a new cavern area.

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