Zelda Fans Unimpressed With Tears Of The Kingdom’s Piece Of Wood Pre-Order Bonus

The hype for Tears of the Kingdom's arrival was seriously amped up last week after a new trailer for the sequel closed Wednesday's Nintendo Direct. That will have prompted many Zelda fans to place their pre-orders for the game, ensuring they get it on time and hopefully receive a bonus for doing so. If you order the game through GameStop, you'll get a wooden plaque, and it hasn't exactly lit a fire under those who will be receiving one.

Reported by GamesRadar, a screenshot of the pre-order page when you buy the game through GameStop was posted on Reddit. While the OP doesn't poke fun at the “exclusive wooden plaque”, it's evident from just about every reply that people were hoping for something more. One fan labels it a “Zelda cutting board”, definitely not something I'd recommend the plaque is used for.

The reveal that GameStop customers will be getting a wooden plaque as their pre-order bonus might have been an easier pill to swallow if players from other countries hadn't shared what they'll receive. Spanish players have been promised a pretty cool Sheikah coin, while French players will get the coin, stickers, and an extract from the Hyrule Historia encyclopedia.

The wooden plaque might also mean a little more to Zelda fans if they actually knew what the symbols on it are supposed to represent. Similar symbols can also be found all over the packaging and products in Tears of the Kingdom's collector's edition. The same symbols that can be seen on the leaked images of a special edition OLED Switch that may accompany the game's launch, further corroborating that the unannounced console does actually exist.

Perhaps the biggest sting of all is that for the first time, a Switch game is going to cost $70. Even though Nintendo has clarified this won't be the new norm for all its games, when forking out more than normal for a Switch title, and pre-ordering it months ahead of time, those eagerly awaiting Tears of the Kingdom were clearly hoping for something a little better than a piece of wood covered in what are currently meaningless symbols.

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