Zenimax Online Has Been Developing A New Intellectual Property For More Than Four Years

Zenimax Online has apparently been developing a brand new intellectual property for more than four years. While rumors to this effect have been making the rounds for quite some time now, Creative Director at Zenimax Online Ben Jones recently confirmed the many suspicions.

While the studio has worked on a variety of different games including Fallout 76 and Doom, Zenimax Online is mostly known for having developed The Elder Scrolls Online, a game which first released in 2014 to a somewhat lukewarm reception, but later went on to attract a large community of dedicated players.

The news comes from the Product Builders Podcast which interviewed Jones back in October. The developer apparently manages a team of 50 workers on the as of yet unannounced new IP. According to Jones, well over 200 people around the world are currently working on this large scale project, something which has been in the works for more than four years, having started production at some point in 2018.

While speculation about this new IP has been running rampant for years, a couple of clues can be found in a recent listing for a Lead Quest Designer at Zenimax Online. The company is “seeking a Lead Quest Designer to join our studio for the development of our next AAA game. This is a chance to join an experienced group of developers in pre-production for a new IP.”

The listing further describes how the person in question will “collaborate with the Lead Content Designer, Lead Narrative Designer, Design Leads, and Lead Environment Artists to drive quest content. A developer in this role serves as a key part of the content direction for a new IP and will help drive a holistic approach to quest development that includes gameplay moments, combat encounter design, and scripting.”

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