Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tourney Is Today – All Prizes, Tips, And More

Halloween is just around the corner in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but that’s not all that’s happening in the game this month. Another Fishing Tourney is also taking place in the game right now. The fish-catching event returns today, Saturday, October 10, giving you another chance to score some exclusive fish-themed items, furnishings, and even special trophies to proudly display around your island.

The Fishing Tourney is a time-honored tradition in Animal Crossing, dating back to the series’ very first installment, but the event operates a little differently in New Horizons than in previous games. To help you prepare, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the Fishing Tourney and how to participate in it below.

  • How Does The Fishing Tourney Work?
  • What Do You Get For Doing The Fishing Tourney?
    • Fishing Tourney Prizes
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  • Fishing Tourney Tips
  • K.K. Slider’s Rescheduled Concert
  • How Does The Fishing Tourney Work?

    The Fishing Tourney is a recurring event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that takes place periodically throughout the year. The event is always held on a Saturday, from 9 AM to 6 PM your time, and it’s hosted by seasports fanatic C.J., who occasionally visits your island and purchases fish at a higher price than you’d get for them at Nook’s Cranny.

    Throughout the Fishing Tourney, C.J. will be stationed next to a tent in your town’s main plaza. To enter the competition, simply speak to him; after paying a small fee of 500 Bells, C.J. will give you three minutes to catch as many fish as you can. Once the time elapses, return to C.J. and you’ll be awarded points based on how many fish you were able to catch, which you can then redeem for special Fishing Tourney items. You can enter the Fishing Tourney as many times as you’d like until 6 PM your time.

    What Do You Get For Doing The Fishing Tourney?

    As previously mentioned, C.J. will award you points based on how many fish you’re able to catch during a round. Each fish you reel in is worth one point, and you’ll receive bonus points if you can land three or more of them.

    The fish you catch will be automatically transported to C.J.’s cooler, so you don’t need to worry about emptying your pockets before entering the tournament. You can also sell all the fish you’ve caught after a round to C.J. for the same increased rate that he usually pays. Even after the event ends, C.J. will hang around your town plaza for a little longer to purchase any fish you may wish to sell, making this a good chance to earn some extra Bells.

    Pool enough points during the Fishing Tourney and you’ll be able to redeem them for special items. C.J. will give you a fish-themed piece of furniture or clothing for every 10 points you accumulate. You can’t choose which item to spend your points on, as they’ll be given out at random, but you’ll get one of each before C.J. starts giving you duplicates. You can see the full list of prizes below:

    Fishing Tourney Prizes

    • Anchor statue
    • Fish door plate
    • Fish-drying rack
    • Fish pochette
    • Fish-print tee
    • Fishing rod stand
    • Fish rug
    • Fish umbrella
    • Fish wand
    • Fresh cooler
    • Marine pop wall
    • Tackle bag

    On top of those items, you’ll receive a fish trophy if you can hit certain point milestones before the event ends. C.J. will tell you when you’ve reached these milestones, so you don’t need to save up points or keep track of how many you’ve earned during the tourney. We’ve listed all the fish trophies and how many points you need to accumulate to win them below:

    Fish Trophies

    • Bronze Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 100 points)
    • Silver Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 200 points)
    • Gold Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 300 points)

    Fishing Tourney Tips

    While you can participate in the Fishing Tourney solo, you’re much better off teaming up with a friend for the event. The number of fish each player catches will be added together at the end of the round, making it easier to amass points and earn prizes. It’s also a good idea to start preparing for the Fishing Tourney ahead of time by crafting lots of bait in the days leading up to the event; this way, you can fish in one spot rather than having to run around your island waiting for the fish to spawn on their own.

    K.K. Slider’s Rescheduled Concert

    Since the Fishing Tourney always takes place on a Saturday, K.K. Slider won’t hold his regular weekly concert that day, but you’ll still be able to catch him live this week. As of the game’s 1.3.0 update, K.K. will now show up on Sunday during weeks when an event is taking place on Saturday, so the next time you can see him in the game (and request another K.K. song) is October 11.

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