Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Is Re-creating The Office

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has became a popular backdrop for TV show and movie re-creations. Redditor lukef31 has started to build the complete set from The Office on their island, complete with a conference room, kitchen, front desk, and more.

“It’s frustrating that there’s no bobblehead in the game that looks remotely like the one on Dwight’s desk,” lukef31 said in a Reddit thread. “So I ended up using a garden gnome.”

The set is still a work in progress, but lukef31 hopes to continue to build on what they have so far. It’s all built outside so they can try to match the office to scale. You can check the island-in-progress out yourself at lukef31’s dream address (DA-8874-5633-9420).

Other players have re-created scenes from horror movies, made their own music videos and movie trailers, and even performed a one-woman version of Hamilton.

This isn’t the first time The Office and Animal Crossing have crossed paths. A player re-created the cold-open first aid scene from the Stress Relief episode back in May. Other players have re-created characters and specific scenes from the show on their islands.

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