Astral Chain looks like another very good PlatinumGames game

Announced back in February, Astral Chain, PlatinumGames’ next work, got a follow-up trailer during Nintendo’s E3 Direct, setting up the title for its launch at the end of August on Nintendo Switch.

In the trailer, we see humanity struggling against an extradimensional attack from beings called Chimeras. A police task force called Neuron is tasked with repelling the threat. Players will take over a rookie on the force, but the gameplay hook is that they may control two characters at once.

They’ll be able to switch off among several character types, with different skills, as they plan for and set off on their adventures. The goal is to save The Ark, the large city under siege from beyond.

TKTKTK more details here.

Astral Chain launches Aug. 30 for Nintendo Switch.

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