New Joy-Con colors coming to Switch Oct. 4

Nintendo Switch owners will be able to brighten up their systems with two new Joy-Con colorways coming this October. Nintendo announced on Wednesday that blue/neon yellow and neon purple/neon orange Joy-Con sets will be available on Oct. 4. Each set will carry the standard Joy-Con price tag: $79.99.

Nintendo already sells a pair of neon yellow Joy-Con controllers, but the blue color scheme is new.

The neon purple/neon orange Joy-Con set appears to be aimed at GameCube nostalgics; Nintendo’s 2001 console was offered in purple and “spice” orange models. The new colorways join the seven existing Joy-Con colors, which range from plain gray to Splatoon-inspired green and purple.

Today, Nintendo also announced a new revision to the original Switch, which gives the system better battery life. The upgraded Nintendo Switch is separate from the recently announced Nintendo Switch Lite, which focuses mainly on handheld gameplay (but can still pair with Joy-Con controllers) and also offers improved battery life.

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