New Nintendo Switch With Better Battery Life Available For $75 With GameStop Trade-In Offer

There’s nothing worse than taking your Nintendo Switch on a long plane ride or some other extended outing, only to have the battery die after a couple hours (depending on how much battery the game uses). Luckily, Nintendo has finally answered this problem with a newer Switch model that extends the console’s battery life, upgrading it from roughly 2.5-6.5 hours of playtime to 4.5-9 hours of charge. The new model is available at some retailers now, and if you were hesitant about shelling out another $300 USD just to improve your battery life, GameStop’s latest trade-in offer could make you reconsider.

Assuming you no longer need your original Switch, you can trade in the launch model for $225, up from the usual $200, as part of a limited-time deal at GameStop stores. Of course, that trade value is for a Switch in “full working condition.” This brings the $300 Switch revision to $75, though you don’t have to use the trade value exclusively towards it. This trade-in offer is valid until September 15.

The Switch revision’s upgraded battery life may be the star of the show, but the Tegra X1 processor also runs cooler, which in turn keeps your Switch from heating up as much. However, it’s important to note that this is not a Switch Pro or equivalent to the upgraded consoles that the PS4 and Xbox One got. You won’t see any increases in performance or loading time.

Of course, if you’d rather trade your old Switch in for a Nintendo Switch Lite, then you can use your $225 trade credit towards a pre-order for that instead. The Switch Lite costs $200 and releases on September 20, five days after this trade-in promotion ends, so you will need to live without your console for a little bit. You can pre-order the Switch Lite here. However, if you’d prefer to not trade in your Switch at all, or just don’t own one yet, you can purchase the new Switch through the links below.

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  • Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con

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