New Switch Update Out Now, Adds Features And Fixes Major Bug

The latest firmware update for Nintendo Switch has arrived, and it includes a number of new features, tweaks, changes, and fixes. Version 9.0.0. (released September 9) introduces a new search feature for the News channel, a new QR code option to sign in to your Nintendo Account, and new touch screen sensitivity settings. The update also introduces the ability stop the Switch from recognizing inputs from the console’s buttons, except for the Capture and Home buttons. This only applies to the newly released Switch lite.

Additionally, the new Switch 9.0.0 update adds a section to account pages for “Online Play Invites,” and as it’s name suggests, this is where you’ll see invites from friends for supported games. Finally, the new patch fixes what sounds like a very serious issue. Apparently, there was a bug that completely prevented Fire Emblem: Three Houses from booting at all, instead returning an error. This problem has been fixed with the update through general system and stability improvements, Nintendo said.

This issue was reportedly affecting those who purchased the Three Houses season pass recently, though it’s unclear how widespread the issue was or if anything else could trigger it. Whatever the case, it’s fixed now.

You can see the full 9.0.0 update notes below, as posted on Nintendo’s website.

Nintendo Switch Firmware 9.0.0 (September 9, 2019) Update:

  • Added a search feature for the News Channel.
    • Channels can be searched using filters or free text.
  • Added “Display QR Code to Check In” to User Settings.
    • You can display a QR Code on-screen to check in using your Nintendo Account.
    • Alarm Notifications have been added to System Settings > Notifications.