Nuclear Throne, Super Crate Box, and new Vlambeer game coming to Switch

Indie developer Vlambeer is bringing two of its most beloved games to Nintendo Switch, along with a new experimental project, the company announced during Wednesday’s Nindies Showcase. The developer will launch its top-down roguelike shooter Nuclear Throne on Wednesday, arcade-style platformer-shooter Super Crate Box in April, and a new game compilation titled Vlambeer Arcade later in 2019.

The announcement contained a few interesting wrinkles. Super Crate Box will include a multiplayer mode exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Vlambeer Arcade will be an ongoing collection of bite-sized games, beginning with Ultra Bugs, which appears to be a modern riff on Space Invaders. Future games will be announced and added to the collection down the line.

Nuclear Throne was originally released in 2015 and was previously available on Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Windows PC. Super Crate Box dates back to 2010 and is available on iOS, Mac, PC, and PlayStation Vita.

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