Pokemon Home, A Pokemon Bank-Like Service, Coming To Nintendo Switch

In a press conference ahead of E3 2019, The Pokemon Company has announced a new cloud-based service for Nintendo Switch. Called Pokemon Home, the service will allow you to transfer Pokemon from all current Pokemon games–including Pokemon Go and the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield–to the cloud.

Longtime Pokemon game director Junichi Masuda took the stage to detail the service. You’ll be able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go, Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Bank on 3DS into Pokemon Home. According to a graphic shown during the conference, you’ll also be able to transfer Pokemon from Home into Sword and Shield. This is much like how Pokemon Bank works; you’re allowed a one-way transfer from older games, and from the cloud, you can transfer those Pokemon into the newest game (Sword and Shield in this case). If that’s indeed how it works, it means you’ll be able to transfer your shiny Pokemon from Go and Let’s Go into Sword and Shield.

Masuda added that you’ll be able to trade Pokemon from within Home as long as you have a smartphone with you. The details are vague, but you’ll apparently be able to use your phone to trade Pokemon locally and globally, both with friends and with others, so long as those Pokemon have been transferred to Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Home is set to launch in early 2020 for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch; Pokemon Sword and Shield are set for a late 2019 launch. The Pokemon Company did not detail whether a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be required to use the service.

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