Super Mario Maker 2’s course upload limit doubles

Would-be world-builders in Super Mario Maker 2 got a welcome bit of news from Nintendo: the course upload limit has been doubled, to 64. And it’ll go up again later.

Players got the news this week in an in-game notice. Apparently, creating and sharing more than two dozen levels isn’t just a power-user thing. Who knew? The roomier upload library might also be helpful for the brand-extension efforts of certain food-service establishments.


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Barely a week after the game’s June 28 launch, Nintendo said 2 million courses had been uploaded. Actual sales figures are hard to come by, but that number wouldn’t suggest that every user is overwhelming the network with 32 uploads. No idea what the next course cap will be, but it’ll probably come in around the time for someone to have dashed off and saved 64 courses.

And that can take a while when there are levels such as this precisely rendered, hellish vision of 1-1, or these elaborate realms where the player cannot face forward. It can be tough to stand out, but there’s no denying that the volume of levels produced so far has made for some perfectly Internet theater.

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