Amy Hennig Explains Industry’s Problem With Players Never Finishing Stories \u2013 IGN Unfiltered

“The idea that our medium just makes peace with the fact that most people will never see the whole arc of the story we’re telling, that’s bizarre to me. The age when we could make games in the non-indie space that are six to eight hours long, don’t have any second modes, don’t have a live service, multiplayer, they’re just about this finite interactive narrative experience that sticks the landing and is memorable, that’s a harder and harder sell.”

To hear more about where Hennig thinks video game storytelling is going, her year off working with VR, and more, check out the full episode of IGN Unfiltered above. On this month’s episode, listeners are presented with a two-part episode featuring Hennig and Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price (himself a former Unfiltered guest) reflecting on lessons learned from making Marvel’s Spider-Man.


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