Apex Legends Has Dragons Now, Apparently

Apex Legends has been teasing something big coming to the game, and now it appears to have arrived. Players have reported hearing and seeing dragons roaming about the map, potentially laying the groundwork for a world event to come with Season 2.

The flying beasts can be spotted in the game or on screens posted to the Apex Legends subreddit. The community has taken to calling them “Flyers” and if you bring one down you can get some loot. In a potentially related development, the Leviathan that wanders in the waters outside the map has moved significantly as well.

The trailer for Season 2 that debuted at EA Play, just before E3 2019, showed a giant lizard-like eyeball as a teaser at the very end. These creatures are significantly smaller than the one that implied, so they could be harbingers of some larger event to come.

Apex Legends’ battle royale competition Fortnite has become known for big world-changing events that accompany each season, and so far Apex hasn’t followed suit. Respawn has suggested that it is comfortable with a slower pace for its content drops so as to not burn out the team, but that was as compared to weekly and monthly updates. A new season could still bring big changes, so we’ll have to see if a giant dragon is among them.

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