Apex Legends Summer Esports Circuit Announced

Keen for more Apex Legends in your life? Respawn Entertainment and EA have just announced the Apex Legends summer esports circuit as part of their existing four-month Global Series.

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) will award $500,000 in prize money to whoever is victorious after all of its circuits, with the summer circuit being Respawn’s remote solution to the traditional in-person format of the tournament.

According to Respawn and EA, the summer circuit of the ALGS will kick off on June 11 and go until September 13. Regionals will take place in the months of June to August, with the Last Chance qualifying round to be played on August 16. Play-offs will then take place on September 12 and 13 as shown in the calendar below, taken from the official Apex Legends blog about this latest esports circuit.

The ALGS’ new summer esports circuit open to anyone as long as they have met the competition criteria of having achieved Gold IV on PC in Split One of Series Four of the game by June 18. This leaves players with three weeks left until they’re out of time to qualify, so if you’re lacing up your boots and wanting to get back into competitive Apex Legends then there’s really no better time than the present.

Those who meet the criteria can register to compete in the Apex Legends summer esports circuit here, which has more about the tournament’s official rules and also more details about signing up. The tournament is being grouped by various regions, which means that you’ll likely be facing off against local players if you choose to enter.

While in-person tournaments are likely far away for all esports at the moment, initiatives like the Apex Legends summer esports circuit can go some way to ensure that both players and fans of competitive titles are getting their fix.

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