BioShock, Borderlands, And XCOM Physical Releases On Switch Require Downloads

As part of Nintendo’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, the company showed off a trailer for a handful of 2K’s biggest franchises coming as a set of compilations for Nintendo Switch: BioShock, Borderlands, and XCOM. Those will come as physical versions as well as digital, but the boxed copies will actually require some sizable downloads of their own.

In the announcement for the compilations, each of the three is followed by a footnote explaining what will and won’t be on the actual game cartridge. The BioShock Collection cart will include the opening acts of all three games. The later content for each game as well as add-ons will need to be downloaded separately.

The Borderlands Collection cart includes part of the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition with another 6.6 GB to be downloaded, and then Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel will come as a separate 35 GB download.

Finally, the XCOM collection cart includes two base game missions, and a download (not to exceed 24 GB) will add the rest of the games.

Nintendo Switch comes with 32 GB of storage and you aren’t able to use that full capacity, so to download any of these collections you will need a microSD card for additional storage.

The Nintendo Direct debuted these compilations as well as several others on the way, including Burnout Paradise Remastered. The presentation also paired with the surprise-release of a handful of games, and a demo for Bravely Default 2. Nintendo also announced more details on updates for Smash Bros. Ultimate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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