Borderlands 3's PAX Trailer Wasn't As Impressive As We Hoped It Would Be

Gearbox had been teasing a new Borderlands game for quite some time–years, in fact–and it didn’t exactly play coy in hinting that Borderlands 3 would be revealed during the studio’s PAX East panel. Sure enough, that’s exactly what capped off the event, with Gearbox showing off the first Borderlands 3 trailer.

But was it any good? It’s been a long wait for Borderlands 3; the last numbered entry came in 2012, and the last shooter in the series released in 2014. As such, expectations were very high, and the trailer didn’t necessarily deliver. In the video above, two of GameSpot’s biggest Borderlands fans, Jean-Luc and Jordan, share their thoughts on what we saw and why they weren’t totally sold after all these years of waiting.

The trailer delivers a glimpse of a variety of new and returning characters, including what are presumably the new playable characters. But this was ultimately more of a tease than anything else, as we didn’t get any hard details on what they play like, how the gameplay has changed from past entries, and so on.

Borderlands 3 might not yet have a release date, but we are getting more info on April 3. (The release date may have actually leaked early, thanks to a tweet that seemingly went out by mistake on April Fools’ Day and pointed to a September launch.) Also coming soon is an enhanced re-release of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition and visual improvements to The Handsome Collection. All of this entails what Gearbox calls the Year of Borderlands, which might suggest that Borderlands 3 will launch before the end of the year.

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