Call Of Duty: Warzone PS4 Players Get Free "Combat Pack," Here's What It Includes

PlayStation 4 users can now grab some extra goodies for Call of Duty: Warzone, but only for a limited time. The “Warzone Combat Pack” is now available for PS Plus users on PS4.

The bundle, which is available all month, includes a series of cosmetic items like the Lock and Stock skin, the Drill Bit weapon blueprint, and the box cutter tactical knife. The bundle also comes with a Price Check weapon charm and a token for double XP, among other things.

You can see the Combat Pack in action in the video below, while we’ve collected some images of the items in an image gallery further down the page. Of note, the video displays some items that we did not come across in our own experience–for example, we found the Yellow Belly handgun blueprint instead of the Drill Bit, so your experience may vary.

Sony and Activision have a co-marketing deal for the Call of Duty franchise that often results in PlayStation owners getting preferential treatment and exclusive content like this.

For more on what’s new in Warzone this week for everyone, you can check out GameSpot’s roundup of all the new playlists, modes, and store bundles.

Warzone Combat Pack Images

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