Every IGN Borderlands Review

Now that we’ve finally had our first glimpse of the inevitable Borderlands 3, it’s a great time to look back at 10 years of the series. While IGN has missed a DLC here and there (there were a lot of them!) over the past decade we’ve reviewed a couple of dozen Borderlands things, including games, add-ons, an unfortunate Vita port, and even the episodic Tales from the Borderlands series from Telltale Games (RIP). Next week we’ll have a review of the refreshed Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition so we can finally find out how well that game might’ve scored if not for its terrible final boss battle!

After you’ve browsed through the slideshow below and refreshed your memory, make sure to vote in the poll and let us know which games stands out to you as Claptrap’s best adventure to date.

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