Log into Sea of Thieves to get a Halo ship

We got new information about Halo Infinite at E3, but there’s also a little bit of news for Halo fans who also happen to dabble in Rare’s pirate game, Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves recently launched its one-year anniversary update, with new quest systems and a PvP Arena mode. We don’t know what new content is coming next, but there’s a free set of ship cosmetics for anyone who logs into the game between June 10 and June 15 — and it’s themed after Microsoft’s greatest hero, Master Chief.

The Spartan-themed ship is a fetching green and gold, and it would be a subtle homage except for the figurehead, which is Master Chief himself holding a spear and getting ready to stab a kraken or megalodon. The cosmetics include a hull, sails, and the aforementioned figurehead, which would likely add up to a few hundred thousand in-game gold if they weren’t free. They’ll also be a nice prestige item in the future, since they’re only available during E3 2019.

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