Marvel's Avengers PS5 And Xbox Series X/S Versions Delayed To 2021

Marvel’s Avengers has been successful, at least in terms of initial sales, for publisher Square Enix thus far. However, the game has seen its player-counts falling and criticism for bugs and lack of endgame content–and we don’t mean the movie. Because developer Crystal Dynamics is working to address the game’s issues, the next-gen versions for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 have been delayed to 2021.

Crystal Dynamics said it wants to deliver a “next-gen experience showcasing all that this game is meant to be” in a blog post announcing the decision. You will still be able to play the PS4 or Xbox One versions on the new systems and can experience better frame rates and faster loading times, and your progress will also carry over. Once the next-gen-specific versions are released, it will be a free upgrade.

Several changes requested by fans are being worked into future updates, as well. These include a ping system, the ability to replay the Reassemble campaign, a high-contrast mode, hero icon visibility adjustments, mission reward clarity, and better enemy attack indicators. PC stability is also being worked on, with GPUs apparently being the source of many crashes thus far.

GameSpot’s Phil Hornshaw gave the game a 7/10 in our Marvel’s Avengers review. While he enjoyed the depth of combat and characters’ different styles, he didn’t like how live-service elements were implemented and encountered plenty of bugs.

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