Overwatch Setting Up 'Sigma' In Another Hero 31 Teaser

Following yesterday’s teaser, Blizzard has now put out another mysterious image related to Overwatch. While the first showed Jeff Kaplan getting sucked into a black hole, this one appears to show a name badge which, importantly, features the Greek alphabet symbol for Sigma. Those that have been paying attention to recent Overwatch leaks will know that Sigma is believed to be the name of Hero 31.

This all but confirms that a new hero should be joining Overwatch pretty soon. This would be the 31st playable character on the roster. The last one to debut was the combat medic Baptiste in March.

Blizzard is currently testing a new Role Queue feature in the public test realm, which totally revises how players engage with matchmaking. Instead of picking a hero, you choose from one of the three role types: tank, support, or damage. Then you’re put into a team composed of two players of each type. The move is intended to help with team composition, and it comes with a suite of changes to skill ratings and leaderboards. It will roll out as a beta on August 13.

Meanwhile, Overwatch is currently celebrating its Summer Games event. The yearly event offers special challenges and exclusive cosmetics to earn. As usual they’re themed after beating the heat with some summer wear, like a swimsuit for Hanzo or a very beachy Torbjorn.

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