Valve Teases New Valve Index VR Headset for May

Valve has added a new VR headset to the Steam store. Called the Valve Index, the store page shows no more than an image of the headset and the words “Upgrade your experience. May 2019”.

Such words suggest we’ll learn more next month, but there is a certain amount that can be gleaned from the image itself. Notable is the slider on the left-hand side, which appears to be an Interpupillary Distance slider. This physically adjusts the distance between the lenses in order to account for the distance between a users eyes. The inclusion of one is important, as the upcoming Oculus Rift S features fixed lenses with software-based adjustment, despite the original Rift headset having adjustable ones.

The announcement of the Index confirms rumours reported last year that Valve is working on its own VR headset. While Valve has been involved with VR for some time now, the Vive headset that has been the flagship device of Steam VR is the result of a collaboration with Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC, rather than Valve’s own product. The Valve branding on the Index headset suggests it is a first-party product this time around.

For now, we’ll just have to hold on until May for further details.

Matt Purslow is IGN UK’s News and Entertainment Writer. You can follow him on Twitter. 

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