Valve VR device teased and named: The Valve Index

There isn’t much to go on (that’s kind of the nature of a teaser site) but Valve has tossed up an official first look at its VR device and, more importantly, named it: The Valve Index. More information is coming in May.

This is a stand-alone product (Valve had collaborated with HTC on the Vive). Rumors of what Valve’s VR team were up to wafted around in November, with shots of a headset in production and whispers that it would be bundled with the Knuckles EV3 controllers and a Half-Life VR game.

Otherwise, there’s not much to go on even in the way of history. Valve said in February 2017 that it was working on three full-size virtual reality games — which he characterized as longer and more in-depth than previous demo-like games. But then, the following May, writer and VR evangelist Chet Faliszek left the company.

The Verge has more, including a lit-up version of the teaser image that shows a little more detail on the headset.

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