Watch Dogs: Legion Trailer Reveals Release Date, New Gameplay Elements

Ubisoft unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion during today’s Ubisoft Forward event. The trailer showcases elements players can expect when the sequel arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this holiday season.

The gameplay look showed London under siege from a mysterious terrorist group, so the government turns to a private military group called Albion under the leadership of Nigel Cass to get it under control. A sample mission to gather dirt on Cass showed the variety of ways you can approach a mission based on the team you’ve assembled.

The character select screen showed about a dozen recruits from London, each with specialized skill sets. A construction worker, for example, can call in a cargo drone and use weapons like a giant wrench and a nail gun. Or you can pick a drone expert, so she can approach more stealthily with her own personal drone or hack enemy drones. The gameplay demo also showed off a burly brawler and a professional hitman.

The announcement also gave a release date for the game: October 29 2020. It is also coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, though a launch date for those has not been announced.

Later in the presentation, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer appeared to confirm that Watch Dogs Legion will support the Xbox Smart Delivery feature. The Ubisoft Store page similarly confirms that a free upgrade will be available between PS4 and PS5. To upgrade your PS4 to PS5 version from a disc, you’ll need to keep the disc inserted in the drive.

The last time Ubisoft showed off Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay was back in August 2019, when the studio shared a gameplay trailer that also confirmed the sequel will launch on Stadia. Check out our Watch Dogs: Legion pre-order guide to learn more about the various bonuses and editions available.

Legion was among several games showcased during Ubisoft Forward. However, as the publisher announced in advance, Ubisoft did not address abuse allegations that have been leveled at the company recently.

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