Wordle streaks return for some players impacted by NYT migration

Wordle has officially moved over to the New York Times website. Goodbye, powerlanguage.co.uk. Hello, nytimes.com/games/wordle. The original Wordle website will automatically redirect to the new page, but you might want to hold off on playing for a bit — if you want to keep your streak.

Players on social media are reporting that most of their statistics remain through the migration, but streaks are being reset back to one. A bunch of us at Polygon tested new Wordle out this afternoon, with different results. I completed my Wordle this morning so that I could be the first in my family group chat with a solution. When I was redirected to NYT Wordle page this afternoon, I reentered my guesses and noticed that my streak had been reset to one.

The NYT Word Games and Logic FAQ page suggests using the same device and browser to open the game after the migration.

We have automatically transferred your game statistics to Wordle’s new home on New York Times Games. If your data looks a little different than you remember, first ensure you are opening the game on the same device and browser you used previously. Your game data is stored locally on your browser and your statistics will automatically transfer without any additional action on your part.

Other Polygon staff members that hadn’t completed the puzzle yet loaded up the original website and played there, without being redirected. Stats increased as normal. Upon refreshing the tab, the page was redirected to the NYT Wordle site, where the same stats were showing with a blank game board. Recreating Thursday’s game there reset the streak.

A New York Times spokesperson told Polygon that the company is “aware of the issue and [is] currently investigating.”

Some Wordle players on Twitter seem to have found a workaround to manually preserve streaks: by altering the redirect URL. This means, technically, that you can make up new, better stats, too. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Update (9:20 p.m. EST): A New York Times representative told Polygon the streak issue has been fixed for players that visited the site after 7 p.m. ET. The company is working on fixing the issue for players that completed the puzzle earlier.

The full statement is available below.

Shortly after starting to redirect traffic to our Wordle site at 2:30PM ET, we identified an issue that affected how a player’s Current Streak was calculated. We discovered the root of the issue and deployed a solution around 7PM ET. We can confirm this solution is working for users that visited the New York Times’s Wordle page after the fix was released.

We are now shifting our focus to addressing the Current Streak metric for users that visited Wordle between 2:30PM ET and 7PM ET.

We are seeing promising indicators that all other statistics were successfully transferred for a majority of our users. Our Care team is acknowledging customer stat/streak outreach and logging them for further troubleshooting support when next steps become available.

Update (Feb. 11): Wordle streaks appear to have returned for some players impacted by the initial bug. After completing the word puzzle this morning, streaks returned for multiple Polygon staff members. Some people on social media are still reporting problems, however.

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