Destiny 2’s Iron Banner evens the playing field in Season of the Drifter

Destiny 2’s monthly Crucible event, Iron Banner, is getting a few new items this season. Bungie announced in its weekly blog post on Thursday that Iron Banner will return March 26, and detailed the new changes.

Starting in Season of the Drifter, Lord Saladin will offer players a new item in his inventory. For five Iron Banner tokens, players can buy something called the Iron Burden. Consuming this item will lower their Power by 100. Iron Banner is currently the only multiplayer mode that takes gear into account for the entire activity. Players who use the Iron Burden will have to work harder and play smarter to get kills.

But this new difficulty isn’t without reward. If players manage to kill 500 enemy Guardians while under the effects of the Iron Burden, they’ll unlock a new Triumph. The Triumph grants a Masterworked Wizened Rebuke fusion rifle, with a curated perk roll from Bungie. Progress on this Triumph will carry over to next month’s Iron Banner.

For non-PvP players who are behind the curve, Bungie is adding an item called Wolf’s Favor. These consumables have a small chance to drop from daily and weekly challenges, and increase Power by 100. This effect can’t go above 700 and only lasts 30 minutes. But it should help players not at max Power compete in Iron Banner.

According to Bungie, Wolf’s Favor can drop from:

  • Daily Heroic story mission
  • Vanguard strikes
  • Nightfall
  • Flashpoints
  • Gambit (for Forsaken owners only)
  • Weekly milestones from Ikora and Hawthorne

These changes are part of next week’s Iron banner, which runs from March 26 to April 2. Players will also earn double Valor from all Crucible matches next week.

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