Devs share the most personal details they put into games

Osama Dorias is a senior game designer at Warner Bros. Games Montreal, and he asked a simple but interesting question on Twitter: Do you remember a personal detail you put into a video game you were working on?

The answers were illuminating, sometimes moving, and some are even silly.

Here are some examples, but it’s worth your time to read the entire thread. The games we play are made by people, and those people put much of themselves into so many different aspects of the experience that it can be hard to see it at all until the details are pointed out.

This is a great hobby, by the way, and reading stories like these helps me enjoy it more.

Destiny 2

The Walking Dead

Rise of the Tomb Raider



Everquest 2


Unknown Ubisoft game

Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

Elder Scrolls Online

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