E3 2019: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Comes On Two Blu-Rays, Square Enix Confirms

Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference started off with a long, in-depth presentation of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4. The publisher gave an overview of the game’s revamped combat system, which mixes real-time action with the familiar, but altered Active-Time Battle system. We also learned that the game will be quite massive, featuring two Blu-ray discs’ worth of gameplay content.

It seems the sheer amount of content is why it’ll take up so much space. Square Enix had previously said the Final Fantasy VII remake would come in multiple parts or episodes. As producer Yoshinori Kitase explained during an E3 press preview, however, the first “game” is “set in the eclectic city of Midgar and presents a fully standalone gaming experience,” effectively making it the first leg of the original version of FFVII. Kitase said Square Enix isn’t sure yet how many episodes Final Fantasy VII Remake will require, or how long development of additional episodes will take.

That wasn’t the only Final Fantasy VII news to come out of the press conference; Square Enix also showed off an extended version of the trailer that was revealed during June 9’s Final Fantasy concert. This one gave us our first look at Tifa, along with more footage of the revamped battle system.

Square Enix also unveiled two new special editions for the game, including a $330 1st Class edition. All of this comes on the heels of Sunday’s night announcement of a March 2020 release date for the much-anticipated remake, which releases exclusively on PS4. Kitase said during the presentation that the team “will not disappoint your expectations.” You can read more in our Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order guide.

E3 2019 is steadily drawing to a close, so check the full schedule to see what presentations are left. And check back here for all the latest and hottest announcements and news updates.

E3 2019 Conference Schedule

  • Tuesday, June 11, 9 AM PT — Nintendo Direct Showcase

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