How has Final Fantasy 7 Remake changed in five years?

We’re coming up on the fourth anniversary of Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s announcement at E3, and this week Sony peeked back in on the game at Thursday’s State of Play livestream event. YouTuber Cycu1 found that a good enough basis to revisit what was shown in 2015 and, in a side-by-side way, see how things have come along since then.

The short answer is, yes, the latest version is indeed better, visually. That goes for everything from Cloud’s arms to his hairdo, making him look a lot brawnier and worthy of swinging around the massive Buster Sword.

Commenters on the video notice that there have been some downgrades as well, which speaks to an overall optimization effort. In the combat examples shown, the later model definitely feels more like a current console generation game, with the older one not showing that age well. Perhaps this is because of crisper lighting, smoother animations (or just, of course, better framerate).

Of course, fans are lamenting that these kinds of incremental refinements and comparisons set the whole thing on a timeline for launch in … 2030 or something? Sony is skipping E3, although it will have some announcements to go with the show, and the State of Play teaser suggested more was coming in June.

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