PlayStation 2019 Infographic Shows Your Most-Played Games

Sony has opened a personalized PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up site, which gives you all sorts of neat facts and stats about your PS4 playing habits over the last year. Simply visit the site and log in to your PlayStation account to see your own year-in-review.

The stats show the number of games you played and your top games, with hours spent in each. It also notes your top genre (based on number of games, hours played, and trophies earned), total hours played, and even your most common time of the week to play. It also runs through some other stats like Trophies earned, and gives you a 2019 title like “Action Hero” or “Speed Demon.” There’s also a button to redeem prizes including an avatar and free theme.

This tool is similar to one Nintendo put out for the Switch late last year. It also showed your top-played games along with a handful of other statistics. Like the Nintendo version, the PlayStation page is checkered with notes about upcoming games, reminding you to keep up with your gaming in 2020.

If you still need more recommendations to catch up on last year’s top games while waiting for the 2020 crop, check out our picks for the Best PS4 Games of 2019. The list includes Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which also won top honors as GameSpot’s Game of the Year 2019.

Sony is preparing to launch the PlayStation 5 this holiday season, but we’re not sure exactly when to expect more details on the new hardware. The company recently announced it will be skipping E3 for the second year in a row.

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