This Ghost Of Tsushima Remake In Dreams Looks Unbelievable

Ghost of Tsushima, the open-world samurai game in development for PlayStation 4 by the Infamous studio Sucker Punch Productions, still doesn’t have a release date. So eager fans have taken to the game creation toolkit Dreams to recreate Ghost of Tsushima’s stunning E3 2018 gameplay reveal–and it’s quite uncanny.

The resemblance basically mirrors that of the E3 2018 demo. Minus a few complex animations, an obvious dip in visual fidelity, and a subtraction in on-screen enemy numbers, the Dreams recreation recaptures Ghost of Tsushima’s gameplay reveal with precision. It even features that really cool iaijutsu (quick-draw) strike, which is pretty much a flashy, one-hit-kill swipe with a katana directly from its sheath. Check it out below.

After a few years in Early Access, Dreams is finally available to the public–and what players have come up with has been bonkers. The Dreams subreddit is filled with all sorts of creations, from vertical slices of games to funny memes and everything in between. Developer Media Molecule has confirmed that it’s “all-in” on Dreams, meaning more features are likely incoming. This also means we won’t see another LittleBigPlanet.

Ghost of Tsushima has been in development for a while now, first getting briefly revealed at Paris Games Week in October 2017 before making a lengthier appearance during Sony’s E3 2018 presentation. An official date for Ghost of Tsushima has been up in the air since 2018, though developer Sucker Punch has teased a summer 2020 window with a new trailer at last year’s The Game Awards.

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