Everybody’s Golf PlayStation VR Review – An excellent first step into VR golfing

Those looking to avoid the course can simply opt for a driving range, which is not only ideal for practicing but also offers targets to aim at and the full range of clubs to choose from.

All of this is presented within a snazzy golf complex, all viewable in first person through VR meaning that you’re never thrown out of your viewpoint. It’s a small touch but one that does wonders for immersion.

Unfortunately, the amount of content found here pales in comparison to the non-VR entries in the series. There are plenty of courses, yes, but short of cups and the aforementioned driving range, there’s little else to keep you occupied.

It’s a shame because the golfing basics feel so good once you get to grips with them that it seems a shame there’s no real reason to keep testing your skills. Leaderboards offer a small incentive, but less asynchronous multiplayer would’ve been appreciated.

The Verdict 4/5

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Everybody’s Golf VR is an excellent first outing for the series if a little on the thin side in terms of content. Thankfully, what’s there is fun and rewarding, and well worth a look for fans of the series or the sport.

The Good

  • Great golfing fundamentals
  • Excellent sense of immersion
  • Lower price point 

The Bad

  • Lack of content
  • PlayStation VR

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