Funktronic Labs’ Musical Garden Experience Fujii Arrives for Multiple VR Platforms

Last month Funktronic Labs – the developer behind Cosmic Trip and Starbear Taxi – announced its next project, a rather serene, music inspired experience called Fujii. Supporting multiple head-mounted displays (HMD), Fujii is now available and the studio has released a brand new launch trailer to mark the occasion. 

Described as: “A magical, musical plant adventure through lush, chromatic wilderness,” Fujii looks like a very chilled, relaxing experience for those that want to wind down rather than stress themselves shooting people online or solving ridiculous puzzles.

Fujii is all about interaction with the environment, where you’re able to explore three unique and magical biomes. Flowing between outdoor exploration and creative gardening, playing with the plants and creatures throughout each biome restores its lifeforce, each one containing its own biodiversity and plant interactions.

As you explore these biomes you’ll be able to collect exotic seeds which can be planted in your virtual garden to create an otherworldly environment to relax in. You’ll have pots of various shapes and sizes in which to plant seeds, growing your garden into a bountiful landscape. It’s not just plants either, you’ll be able to introduce creatures and insect life sourced from the wild.

You won’t be alone either, you’ll have a friendly companion gnome who will play songs as you tend to your garden. There is a single-player story campaign but that doesn’t mean to say you need to stop looking after the garden once the story is complete.

Fujii will support most headsets including Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive and even Valve Index when it arrives. But it seems Fujii has been geared towards Quest, with Funktronic Labs saying: “Fujii is a game about the wonder of plants, and we love seeing users getting down low to touch and interact with plants on their level, and even laying down on the ground to appreciate the rich landscapes and night skies. Fujii is a game to get cozy with, and the Quest’s standalone form factor empowers users to do just that. We’re also excited to see users experience Fujii outdoors, thanks to the unique portability of the headset.”

The videogame is available now for $14,99 USD. For further Funktronic Labs updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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