Gamescom 2019 Interview: Unraveling Corsair’s Curse With Vertigo Games

When was the last time you went to a virtual reality (VR) arcade? Or have you ever been to one? If the answers are a long time ago or never then now’s the time, as location-based entertainment (LBE) has rapidly improved alongside its home consumer cousin. Vertigo Games is one VR developer keenly focused on both markets, and recently demoed Innerspace VR’s Corsair’s Curse at Gamescom 2019. As VRFocus likes to do, we grabbed (nicely of course) a Vertigo Games employee to learn more.

On hand to talk about the LBE VR experience was Vertigo Games’ Business Development Director John Coleman, going into detail about this multiplayer title from the team who created A Fisherman’s Tale.

Corsair’s Curse is in fact loosely based on that puzzle title for home VR headsets, both featuring a nautical theme as well as intricate challenges to solve. But as this videogame is purely made for arcades one of the core aspects Innerspace VR wanted to introduce is co-operative gameplay.

A minimum of two players is required with Corsair’s Curse supporting up to four. You all play as pirates after the legendary Corsair’s treasure. As with any good pirate tale, this treasure is cursed and everyone finds themselves trapped in the form of wooden dolls, with the only way out being the completion of all the puzzles. You’re all on the same boat but it’s split in two, with one team larger than the other.

However, Corsair’s Curse isn’t pitting the two sides against one another, you all have to work together, as the puzzles interlink between the two areas; each one must be completed in sequence.

To get a better idea why not read VRFocus’ review of Corsair’s Curse which noted: Corsair’s Curse is ideal for those stepping into a VR arcade for the first time, rather than some intense first-person shooter (FPS). There’s time to learn the basics and the joy of VR gaming, picking stuff up, the visual impact of scale and much more.”

Corsair’s Curse is already available at select locations. Take a look at VRFocus’ other Gamescom interviews including Somnium Space, Pixel Reef, Dark Curry, Carbon Studio, Cortopia Studios, Fast Travel Games and Mammossix. And don’t forget to come back for more VR updates.

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