How To Make The Most Of Torchlight 3’s Contract System

Torchlight 3 brings several innovations to the series with the addition of Contracts standing out as a great way to unlock new pets, Fort decorations, materials, Respectables, and more. Contracts look similar in design to Battle Passes from games like Fortnite, with 40 tiers or rewards to unlock followed by the addition of an infinite “loop” of 10 more tiers.

At launch there are three distinct Contracts to choose from themed after Adventurer, Craftsman, and Homesteader. Each offers its own unique rewards, and you can browse through each to see which you want to unlock first.

Eventually, you will want to complete all three of the Contracts available, because there are several unique Fort decorations that can only be acquired by completing certain tiers. There are also other useful items like additional character slots, which will become invaluable to the completionist who wants to fully deck out several characters of different Relic types.

While levelling through the main story, it is possible to entirely forget that Contracts exist. This is because although you gain Fame frequently by progressing through each act and defeating particularly tough opponents, the notification for completing the next level of tier is small and largely forgettable. This is especially true if you are saving skill points instead of spending them right away since they are both located in the top right corner of the screen and do not go away until used.

Even if completing all three Contracts is a long-term goal, it is still a great idea to focus on one and finish it as soon as possible. Doing so unlocks the looping set of ten tiers, which at high levels provides you with a constant stream of Respectables to change your skills, which is something that is somewhat rare during the levelling process.

Apart from that, there are also countless other resources that are gained in the same way, all of which you will need in the endgame for Enchanting, creating all of the best decorations, and more.

Looking at the Contracts as an overall concept, it is fair to assume that they were likely going to be a premium purchase for Torchlight 3 when the game was initially planned as a free-to-play experience. During the earliest stages of development, the plan was to monetize certain things in game like the cosmetics in your Fort.

Best of luck to all the new adventurers in Torchlight 3 and remember to choose the right Contract for you early on!

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