How To Use Zora From The Legend Of Zelda As A D&D Race

There are many dangerous and mysterious creatures who reside in the deep waters of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The player can take on the role of one of these creatures, by playing as a Zora from The Legend of Zelda.

The Zora debuted in Ocarina of Time as one of the water-dwelling races of Hyrule. They quickly became associated with some of the most annoying dungeons and items in the history of the series. Jabu-Jabu’s Belly? The Water Temple? The swimming mechanics in Majora’s Mask? That’s all Zora content.

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Zora Stats

Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity increases by two.

Size: Your size is Medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet and swimming speed is also 30 feet

Amphibious: Your Zora character can breathe water and air

Darkvision: A life of swimming through the murky ocean depths has given you 60 feet of Darkvision.

Cold Flesh: You have cold resistance.

Roleplaying As A Zora

The domain of the Zora stretches all across the world and the other races can barely engage with them without the help of magic items. Despite their alien environment, the Zora are often close in personality with the Hylians. The Zora in Breath of the Wild resemble different types of underwater creature, so the player has a lot of freedom to design a character with a truly unique appearance.

The Zora may reside beneath the waves, but they remain connected to the other races of Hyrule and will lend their aid to their allies when called upon. There are many evil beasts that dwell in the darkest waters of the ocean. As such, many Zora take up the sword and become warriors. This means that players won’t need to think hard for a reason to create a Zora adventurer. Zora domains face their share of danger, so their warriors could easily venture into the outside world in search of allies, magic items, or lore that can help protect their homeland. There are some Zora who are glory seekers and leave in search of new crowds who can appreciate their skill in battle.

The Zora share their kingdoms with all manner of marine life, some of which are mighty in their own right. As such, Zora adventurers could come from the nature-based classes, like Druids and Rangers, making them a force to be reckoned with underwater.

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