Interview: Molly Knox Ostertag on Girl From The Sea, The Owl House, and Finding Comfort In Queer Media

The Girl From The Sea isn’t afraid of being a queer story. It’s a tale that aims to explore the themes of innocent youthful love while not shying away from the messy reality of coming to terms with one’s own identity. We all grew up with misconceptions about who we are supposed to be, abiding by internal expectations that held us back from being happy, content, and willing to push for an existence that makes us want to enjoy life. For people in the LGBTQ+ space, that journey is a continuous one with its fair share of trials and tribulations. But keep on fighting, as I am, since the end result will be worth the battle.

Molly Knox Ostertag is an author, writer, and illustrator who isn’t afraid to explore such ideas, and I recently caught up with her to share queer stories and talk about her career as a proud lesbian woman pushing for new, groundbreaking stories in a number of spaces. Having worked on webcomics, graphic novels, and shows such as The Owl House and Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Ostertag has cemented herself as a notable voice in the queer community that many look up to. It’s a funny position to end up in, given this medium of work is one of the things that helped her embrace her own identity.

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